Our history

Founded by Omid Nakhjavani, Ph.D., in 2014, JustU has dedicated over five years to researching and developing its smart parking technologies. This commitment ensures that its features and functionalities remain adaptable to the ever-changing industry landscape, providing end-users with a definitive solution to a growing market concern.
To date, JustU has secured multiple patents related to its innovative technologies and has developed various applications that it aims to introduce to the market. The primary focus of JustU will be refining its pilot application to establish a reputable brand and cultivate a substantial user base interested in incorporating its technology-driven solutions into their daily commutes.

JustU as Smart Parking Technologies Co.

JustU is a smart parking technology company with a primary goal of offering the most accurate parking solutions to its end-users. The company’s mission is to address the persistent issue of parking by identifying stress points for commuters and motorists. JustU is dedicated to revolutionizing the parking industry through technologically-driven solutions that cater to individuals seeking parking in their daily commutes, while also contributing to the development of a more environmentally-friendly society. The company’s highly integrated, automated, and technology-powered solutions encompass interactive methods for spot discovery, seamless and convenient payment options for parking, and substantial partnerships that enhance efficiency and alleviate congestion in high-traffic areas.