Play to Earn

JustU is all about bringing people together, whether it’s by reporting available parking spaces, sharing parking spots, or participating in a parking exchange program, all while having the opportunity to contribute to environmental preservation and earn money. In the world of JustU, your application activities are always rewarded. You have the option to earn money and save it for later, whether it’s for investing in forestry when the time is right or converting it to traditional fiat currency. All the while, you’re actively supporting the Save Our World revolution by helping reduce the length of city commutes.

In JustU, we’ve fully embraced the concept of “play-to-earn.” This innovative approach allows individuals to earn money by actively participating in various activities. These activities enable people to earn cryptocurrencies or other digital assets while engaging in technology-based tasks that are tracked and verified on a network. This not only provides players with a sense of ownership and control over their earned rewards but also allows them to collect and utilize these digital assets.

JustU’s parking sharing application goes beyond being just a parking app; it’s an app for environmental enthusiasts. Here, you can earn money while collecting in-game earnings, all while contributing to environmental preservation and assisting your fellow citizens.